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Acapulco Afloat

The first thing I do when I arrive at the Acapulco airport: start taking all my clothes off. Shoes, socks. Long pants. Hoody sweatshirt. T-shirt. I just flew in from Anchorage, Alaska, so there are a lot of layers to … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log 9 – Ceilidh

Friday December 1, 2017 It was a huge, busy day in the Barn today. Got up early so I could bake cornbread in the morning, then flipped the boat at 9:00 am with Jean Luc & Cecile. [I’d never have … Continue reading

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KUHB: The Voice of the Pribilofs

It’s the only radio station. If you hit the seek button, it’ll just keep going around and around except for this one place it stops: 91.9 KUHB, the Voice of the Pribilofs. You don’t have to be on St. Paul … Continue reading

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The rumors (some murmured and some announced from the stage), were never definitely confirmed.  They said that this might be the last one ever.  The organizers are burned out.  Ten years is enough.  It’s sad, but I also feel grateful for having been … Continue reading

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Going to The Other Side

I’m involved in a weird, long-distance relationship of sorts with “H,” even though we only live 17 miles apart.  I hear from my friends about all the cool things that H does. I must admit I do a bit of cyber-stalking … Continue reading

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Urban History

Seems like it might have been a different lifetime, or someone else’s life, or a dream.  But I think it actually did happen:  I lived in the city.  Several cities, as a matter of fact.  Chicago, Boston, Amsterdam.  I’m glad I … Continue reading

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