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You Say Drug, I Say Dragged

Over the summer, I met people from Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands, and was able to practice some of my European language skills. “All I need now is some French people to appear,” I thought – and voilà! This September … Continue reading

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KUHB: The Voice of the Pribilofs

It’s the only radio station. If you hit the seek button, it’ll just keep going around and around except for this one place it stops: 91.9 KUHB, the Voice of the Pribilofs. You don’t have to be on St. Paul … Continue reading

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Old Ocean

There are a handful of places in the world that feel like home at first sight. Like love at first sight, who knows how it works? It’s a feeling of recognition that can’t be explained; a familiarity even though you’ve … Continue reading

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The Wave

There’s a small-town phenomenon I’ve noticed in a few different places.  It’s The Wave. This is not the same wave you see at baseball parks, when thousands of strangers create a giant performance art piece.  This is a smaller, quieter … Continue reading

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Finish the Ride

My brother lands on his feet.  Literally. He told me a story a few months ago about a time back in college at Michigan State, when he was riding his bike on campus.  He was riding FAST, since it’s a … Continue reading

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Get Out the Vote

“I was surprised to see you get into it like that; you went from zero to sixty in about five seconds,” said my friend David. “I was surprised, too!”  Still am.  I’ve stayed the hell away from politics for most … Continue reading

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From my window in the Shack, I can look across the Slough and see the guys from HEA working to get the power back on.  They’re lighting up their work area with trucks’ headlights — it’s 6:15 pm and has … Continue reading

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