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The quiet.  It’s what I will remember most from my summer on the Yukon.  The quiet, and the river, flowing through all the days and all the nights, no beginning, no end. Like most memories, they will be sentimental and … Continue reading

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Morale took a nosedive this week.  Extra trash to clean up from the Fourth of July weekend.  Office politics.  Missing tools.  Broken stuff.  And rain for three days.  I’ve been in Eagle for exactly six weeks now, and so far … Continue reading

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The rumors (some murmured and some announced from the stage), were never definitely confirmed.  They said that this might be the last one ever.  The organizers are burned out.  Ten years is enough.  It’s sad, but I also feel grateful for having been … Continue reading

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In less than a week, I will be heading north to the Interior.  This will be new territory for me, as I have never been north of Anchorage.  Even though I’ve lived in Alaska for three years, I haven’t seen … Continue reading

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Strange Tidbits of Alaska History

During the long, rainy winter of 2016, I had the opportunity to entertain and educate myself about Alaska history.  Here are a few surprising facts which caught my attention. The last battle of the Civil War took place in Arctic … Continue reading

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