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Alaska Homegrown

The Veggie Bus came to town yesterday. And Joe dug his potatoes. And we caught a couple of fish. It was one of the best days of the year. September can be difficult for me. The first autumn I was … Continue reading

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Our hike begins with a plunge through knee-deep glacial meltwater. We’ll be out here for at least eight hours, and I’d rather not hike in soaking wet XtraTufs all day, so I take off my boots and socks, roll up … Continue reading

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View From the Slough

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The Chaz

The sign says “Redneck Yacht Club,” so I know we aren’t in exactly the right place, but I can’t resist going inside to check out the scene. Three sun-weathered men are gathered around a table, drinking coffee and admiring a … Continue reading

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The Joy of Not Knowing

We emerge from the smoggy, gauzy, familial holiday cocoon; navigate the landmines of expedition preparations and packing; survive the stalled outlet-shopper traffic on the I-5; exit the highway at Eugene and head east. As the sun sets we leave the … Continue reading

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The quiet.  It’s what I will remember most from my summer on the Yukon.  The quiet, and the river, flowing through all the days and all the nights, no beginning, no end. Like most memories, they will be sentimental and … Continue reading

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No matter how many families you have, there is always room in your heart for more.  I got adopted last week, even though I’m not an orphan by any stretch of the imagination.  The Peregrine Falcon survey crew came to … Continue reading

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