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Our hike begins with a plunge through knee-deep glacial meltwater. We’ll be out here for at least eight hours, and I’d rather not hike in soaking wet XtraTufs all day, so I take off my boots and socks, roll up … Continue reading

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KUHB: The Voice of the Pribilofs

It’s the only radio station. If you hit the seek button, it’ll just keep going around and around except for this one place it stops: 91.9 KUHB, the Voice of the Pribilofs. You don’t have to be on St. Paul … Continue reading

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Beachcombing on the Bering Sea

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380 Horses

“Those birds are pretty dumb. Why don’t they get out of the way?” We are bouncing down a narrow two-track road, headed to the north side of the island for a walk along the shore. I’m guiding two clients, who … Continue reading

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No cloud touches the sky. Instead of summer fog and driving wind, the Bering Sea gives diamonds. Pup-sized, sun-bleached seal scapula lies at the top edge of the cliff. Bones go to the earth To the sea To the animals … Continue reading

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Thursday, May 18, 2017. It’s 3:35 pm and I am sitting on my twin-size bed in A-Dorm, trying to spend my afternoon off wisely. I already took an hour-long nap. I have been on St. Paul Island for eight days … Continue reading

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First Impressions of St. Paul Island

May 11, 2017 I’m sitting next to Barbara on the plane. She’s an Aleut elder, grew up on St. Paul Island, and is returning home from Anchorage. She crosses herself before take-off, and again before landing, and points out that … Continue reading

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