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Alaska Homegrown

The Veggie Bus came to town yesterday. And Joe dug his potatoes. And we caught a couple of fish. It was one of the best days of the year. September can be difficult for me. The first autumn I was … Continue reading

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Our hike begins with a plunge through knee-deep glacial meltwater. We’ll be out here for at least eight hours, and I’d rather not hike in soaking wet XtraTufs all day, so I take off my boots and socks, roll up … Continue reading

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Start with a blackberry, but take away all the purple flavors, prickly vines, and heaviness that come with deep dark forests. Get down on your knees (yes, like you are praying) and smell the ancient volcanic soil, willow fluff, and … Continue reading

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Seal Harvest

“To request seal: Call the Tribal Government the day before the scheduled harvest from which you want seal. Requests for seal will be limited to a maximum of 5 seals per individual per harvest. The Tribal Government insists that the … Continue reading

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KUHB: The Voice of the Pribilofs

It’s the only radio station. If you hit the seek button, it’ll just keep going around and around except for this one place it stops: 91.9 KUHB, the Voice of the Pribilofs. You don’t have to be on St. Paul … Continue reading

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Questions Frequently Asked by Tourists on St. Paul Island, Alaska

One reason I haven’t posted much lately here is that I’ve been working on this FAQs document for my job with St. Paul Island Tours. The idea was that, as a newbie tour guide, I would learn the answers if … Continue reading

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Beachcombing on the Bering Sea

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