I was born in Michigan (42.3N) and spent my childhood exploring the woods, farm fields, and suburban neighborhoods of southeast Lower Peninsula. Mom taught me how to grow and preserve food, make baskets, and sew.  Dad taught me how to build stuff, take care of cars, and water ski. My brother Jeff taught me how to play chess and whistle two-part harmonies together on long road trips.

I studied art, music, photography, English, theatre, and film & video in school. Tough decision: I really wanted to study biology, but thought I’d either end up working in a lab somewhere or working for the government. Neither sounded too appealing. It took me three colleges and six years to get a finally get a film degree from Columbia College in Chicago. I could not get out of the big city fast enough. Two weeks after graduation I was working on an organic produce farm in northern Illinois (42.5N), sleeping in the loft of a barn. Further travels led to Amsterdam, Netherlands (52.4N), Manchester VT (43.1N), Gloucester  MA (42.6N), Hope ME (44.3N) and finally Petoskey MI (45.4N), where I settled for a bit.

[There’s a whole career in here someplace, where I did some pretty cool stewardship work for two different land conservancies.]

In 2012, I took off for some adventure with Megan Frey.  You can read about our travels at We sailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia (44.6N) to the Isle of Eigg, Scotland (56.9N).  Together we went as far north as Vega, Norway (65.7N) — almost to the Arctic Circle — and traveled together for a year.

Now I live in Seldovia, Alaska, latitude 59.4N.