Most of the places I’ve ever lived or traveled lie in the Northern Hemisphere, between 45 degrees north and 60 degrees north.  There are a few outliers — like the Florida keys and the desert Southwest — but generally my experience of this richly diverse planet consists of a small band between the northern hardwoods and the taiga.  So, naturally, anything I write about will also tend to happen between those latitudes.  Until I travel beyond, that is.

I created this blog about a week before my 45th birthday, and while I don’t usually pay much attention to folks’ ages, and I have never (ever!) made a 15-year plan, those latitude numbers correspond nicely to the decade and a half that lies ahead.

The challenge?  Push outside those lines of latitude, explore beyond the edges of my comfort zones, keep learning all the time, and stay flexible.  It’s a little weird to think about turning 60 someday, but I reckon it’s bound to happen.

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