Gardening in Seldovia

I’m fortunate to have several gardens here in Seldovia, Alaska, even though I don’t own any land.


This is my neighborhood. My house is in the middle. While great for boating and fishing, gardening is out of the question.

I keep a few containers on the boardwalk each summer, with flowers, lettuce, kale… a kitchen garden of sorts that I can grab just steps away from my front door.

Through the generosity of friends, I have two other gardens. One is a 4′ x 6′ raised bed on a lot belonging to some friends. I think of this as my Town Garden Box, or sometimes Garden #2. It’s about a third of a mile away from my house. And finally, I have a big plot at the Community Garden, which is about three-quarters of a mile away from my house. I measured it last year, and was surprised to find that it’s 14′ x 44′ — roughly double the square footage of my house!

I’ve got a couple of seasons of experience growing vegetables here in Seldovia. I’m by no means an expert, but when Hig from the CATS (Climate Action Team Seldovia) asked if I would participate in a Gardening Knowledge Share, I agreed. Originally, this program was meant to take place in March, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we shifted our dates and made it a virtual program available on Zoom, on April 22. I was surprised by the number of people who tuned in, and got a kick out of seeing everyone’s faces. We’ve all been social-distancing and isolating. Some Seldovia gardeners are stuck at their winter home locations. What this season’s gardens will look like here is still up in the air.

Hig recorded our Zoom program. My 20-minute section is up first, and is a narration as I click through a PowerPoint program. Start watching at 5:30 (to skip our Zoom setup process). I offer a few general gardening tips I’ve learned over the years, as well as information on harvesting and storing carrots, onions, and potatoes. My conclusion is that Seldovia needs a Community Root Cellar. Let’s build one!

MaryJo Stanley and Suzie Stranik follow with lots of info about the Community Garden, starting seeds, gardening supplies and equipment, and beneficial lactobacillus bacteria. We finish up with Q & A and conversation among all the attendees.

I planted peas, spinach, and radishes yesterday. So, the season has begun. Now, I gotta get out there and dig in the dirt some more.

Here’s a link to my PowerPoint slides: on my GoogleDocs page. If you get an error message about it not loading, click on “Open with” at the top of the page and select “Google Slides.”

Here’s a link to the recorded video, hosted on Bretwood Higman’s YouTube Channel

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