Captain’s Log 12 – Clothespins

Monday December 4, 2017: I can’t believe I forgot about the clothespins! When Megan and I were crossing the Atlantic on Roger’s boat, Vittoria, we found some clothespins on board and were hanging laundry out to dry on the rigging. Roger came flying out of the cockpit, yelling at us, “Not the green ones! Never use the green ones!” We were momentarily taken aback, until he explained to us that it is terrible luck to have anything green on board a ship. (Obviously, green is the color of land, so you’ll run aground if you have green on a boat.) I had to be cheeky, of course, and point out that Roger was the one who had the green clothespins on his boat, so, since they were here already, why not use them? “They came as part of the set; I can’t throw them overboard because they’re plastic. Just leave them in the box and I’ll get rid of them in the next port!” We obliged — he was the captain so we had to do what he said, no matter how nonsensical it might seem to us — and only used the pink, blue, and red clothespins after that. Sure enough, I started looking around the boat and couldn’t find any other green object on board.

I was reminded about all this today when I was over at Joe and Carla’s this morning. We were standing in the kitchen and Joe said, “Why’d you paint it green? Didn’t you know green is bad luck for boats?”

I think I actually smacked myself in the forehead. I remembered the clothespins. As Captain Roger would say, “Further Training Required.” He was of the firm belief that any neophyte should be told a new bit of information only one time, and then remember it forever. How could I have forgotten the lesson of the green clothespins?

So, here I am, having just finished painting my boat green and grey today!

Because Chuuchki is a rowboat, and she will be used for gunkholing (not bluewater sailing), and she will be dragged up and down beaches, and she will most likely be “docked” on the beach itself, she may be exempt from this No Green rule. I’ll just be sure never to whistle while on board or bring any bananas or step onto the boat with my left foot first or start my journeys on Fridays. That should do it. I think we’ll be okay.


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