Captain’s Log 8 – Extra Yoga

Thursday 11/30/2017: Extra yoga necessary this morning, after yesterday’s mega fiberglass extravaganza. Moving slow today, a bit ill in the morning (spaced out, sore, and a little nauseous) and glad that I don’t have to spend another big day in the Barn. But I’m happy with how the boat looks! It’s starting to feel like I might be able to actually finish this thing.


Fresh layer of fiberglass on deck, with the pretty plywood showing through. Rail and stern corner repairs done, too.

Jean Luc and Cecile helped me turn the boat over again, so I could do a second coat of primer on the keel, at noon. Now I’m waiting for the keel to dry, will flip the boat back over in the morning for the big push on painting the interior/topsides. Peeled off the masking tape from the keel edges in the late afternoon. It looks pretty good! Although there’s a bit of bubbling in the epoxy primer coat. Hm, I wonder what causes that? No matter… The first time I drag the boat up the beach it will probably rub it all away.

Here are the step-by-step photos of the keel.


Keel before rehab.


Keel after grinding and sanding.


Keel with three fresh layers of fiberglass, masked and ready for epoxy primer.


Shiny new first coat of epoxy primer.


Finished! Heavy-duty fiberglass added to the keel, plus two coats of epoxy primer.

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