Slow Down

Slow down.  Your cell phone doesn’t work here.

Slow down.  You can’t send a text.  You can’t receive a text.  Isn’t it nice?

Slow down.  You just turned on the computer.  It’s like Sunday morning to that computer.  You just woke it up.  It’s gotta have its coffee first.  Give it a chance.  Stop clicking the mouse!  Slow down!

Slow down.  Be patient.

Slow down.  Yes, there is free wifi, but it takes at least 60 seconds to load each webpage.  Longer if you’re sharing the bandwidth.  Talk to the person next to you; they are waiting for their page to load, too.

Slow down.  Be patient.

Slow down.  No, you can’t stream video.  Instead, try watching a TV series from fifteen years ago.  You can borrow DVDs and VHS tapes from the library.  They’ll give you a library card, even if you don’t live here.

Slow down.  You wanted to download music?  Forget it.  Tune into Eagle radio, KEAA 97.9 FM.  Or, better yet, play your own instrument.  Or, even better:  play music with other people.

Slow down.  Read a book.  Read lots of books.  Or, even – write a book.

Slow down.  Be patient.  The mail plane does not come every day.

Slow down.  The speed limit is 15 miles per hour.  No matter what kind of vehicle you drive.

Slow down.  You are riding a bike, but there’s no hurry.  Look at the wildflowers at the side of the road.  Sometimes there are butterflies, too.

Slow down.  You can have fresh vegetables, but you’ll have to plant the seeds in May and wait until September before you get to eat them.  Imagine how satisfying they will be.

Slow down.  We are out of eggs, but the chickens should be laying more any day now.

Slow down.  Slow down.

Watch the sunset.  Watch the seasons change.  Watch the river flow by.  It’s different every moment.

Slow down.  Hear the sled dogs howling?  They are waiting for winter, and it’s only June.

Slow down.

Be patient.

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