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The quiet.  It’s what I will remember most from my summer on the Yukon.  The quiet, and the river, flowing through all the days and all the nights, no beginning, no end. Like most memories, they will be sentimental and … Continue reading

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Slow Down

Slow down.  Your cell phone doesn’t work here. Slow down.  You can’t send a text.  You can’t receive a text.  Isn’t it nice? Slow down.  You just turned on the computer.  It’s like Sunday morning to that computer.  You just … Continue reading

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In the Tin Business

Crisp autumn breezes flow through downtown Eagle, Alaska.  It’s early September, and the birches and aspens glow, their soft buttery-yellow leaves vibrant against the bright blue sky.  I breathe deep, savoring the clean air – and inhale the smell of … Continue reading

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